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What are we all about? Good question.


Innovative Mortgage Brokers is a small, local, and family owned business located in beautiful downtown Healdsburg. Brad is the Broker, and his wife Kristina manages the day to day business. When you call their office, you'll speak directly with one of them - and that's just the way they like it. 

Hi, I'm Brad.

I'm the broker and owner here at Innovative Mortgage Brokers. I started in mortgage lending when I was 16. I had the exciting job of copying loan files to be delivered to investors. Fortunately, I was motivated - and there was no where to go but up. Six years later I had worked my way into a loan officer position. Today, I have my own brokerage in downtown Healdsburg, and I couldn't be happier. This is the only career I've ever had, which isn't something many people can say. As a result, I know how to help each and every client that comes to me in the way that will best suit their needs. Even when they've been told no before.

You see, as a broker I have access to loan programs that banks and direct lenders don't. That means I don't have to try to fit you into a program because my options are limited - I can use my resources to find the perfect program for you. The result is smoother, faster transactions, and much happier clients.  

I can help with Conventional, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage, Multi-Family and even Commercial loans. If you have a mortgage lending need, or just have questions - please call me, I'm always happy to help.

Brad Eskra



And I'm Kristina!

I spent some time processing loans way back when, but most of my professional career was spent in retail banking management and sales. I've always had a passion for customer service and client retention, and being able to be in control of how we facilitate that is one of my very favorite things about owning our own business. 

Having three small children and running a business is not for the faint of heart. The thing that really keeps me going is the admiration I have for the incredible job Brad does for our clients. I'm not kidding when I say many of our clients end up being friends of ours long after their transaction has ended. I tease Brad about it often, but it really is a testament to how he does his job - with passion, empathy and experience, that I truly believe is unmatched in our industry.

When we're not working, our family enjoys camping, gardening, traveling, and having impromptu pizza parties with our neighbors in our backyard. We love the community we live in, and we're so grateful to call Healdsburg home.

Kristina Eskra


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